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As a Dutchman I was in Antwerp in December 2018, I saw the cowboy in a shop window. As a (sports) bicycle enthusiast looking in, I recognized the beautiful design of a true 'naked bike'. My eyes fell on the two burning lamps. Huh, this is an E-Bike ... where is the battery? Walked inside. I discovered the battery and noticed that the bike up close is even more beautiful than I thought. Bit I did not take a test drive. I didn't want an E-bike at all. I'm still too young! Back in the Netherlands I regretted not having cycled. I was looking for a reason to buy this E-bike…. It became a ‘must have’ I went to work by car for 23 years, but of course I can also use the bicycle! Found a reason! 😊 Thanks to the belt I don't get dirty pants when I get on my bike with my suit. Would I really enjoy riding this bike? I contacted Cowboy via the chat. It seemed that I was able to take a test ride in Amsterdam. So I did: 5 minutes on this bike and I was already sold: how wonderful it rides. No gears, but you will be helped immediately when you want to shift. The sensors notice that and you get a boost. It runs very smoothly, the seat is good. Nice stiff frame, great looking tires and strong brakes. The bike is made so beautiful (look at the absence of welds). Modern operation thanks to the app. Pre-ordered! Waiting three months was a very long time. But I received the bike a few weeks ago. Since then I cycled almost daily to work. So cool! Really delicious! And I will certainly continue to do it! Great bike, great company vision and above all a beautiful and good bike. Did I mention beautiful? The most beautiful bike for me! I’m a Cowboy! Yihaa!
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