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Cowboy vélo éléctrique Avis clients

Notes et commentaires de véritables clients. Découvrez l'avis de nos Cowboys.

  • Sebastiaan ★★★★

    Brussels 16 Nov 2019 Cowboy 2

    450 km later I haven't used my car for a month. My daily commute (30km) has become a pleasure with this bike. Like every bike getting a flat is a matter of time and when the day came; it took me about 30 min to change the tire. It does take some skill and I'm thinking of getting 'better' puncture proof ones in the future. Fenders are a must, fortunately I installed some immediately. Overall riding the cowboy is a wonderful experience and the company offers excellent customer support. All I wish for is the possibility of ordering spare parts and accessories through the cowboy website and app.

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